Diamond minds

The Diamond Minds program for at-risk youth was created four years ago to help eligible low income students within the upstate of South Carolina reach their full potential through education. Diamond Minds is a youth program that emphasizes academic and social enrichment for the neediest kids. We help students from first grade through 12th grade develop a strong academic foundation through their involvement in our Saturday School program component, cultural enrichment activities, mentoring, and one-to-one tutoring. From 9th grade through the completion of high school, our Road to College program component is designed to encourage and support students who work hard, demonstrate a strong will to succeed, and have tremendous financial need. Through this component of Diamond Minds we offer students education, information, and help them explore their options to take advantage of various opportunities after completing the 12th grade; options such as military careers, college entrance, skilled trades, and others.
We focus on young people who demonstrate talent, promise, and potential but whose families lack the means to support them financially and emotionally. Our scholarship opportunities and direct service programs provide supportive services to these students and helps them to engage in more challenging life experiences. Diamond Minds believes in children. We believe in their ability to overcome their circumstances. We believe in their ability to become more than they ever dreamed of becoming. And we believe that they can then go on to give hope to countless others by giving back once they grow up and become responsible adults.
We serve children that others sometimes forget. Among all children who are considered at-risk, the demographics of our service population breaks down as follows:

Tier I -- Children who have an incarcerated parent.
Tier II -- Children who are living in foster care.
Tier III -- Children living in a home without their biological father.
Tier IV -- Children who are homeless, living in a shelter facility.
Tier V -- Children who are gifted and talented but lack family financial resources and family emotional

Saturday School is a place where youth, ages 6-18, learn how to make going to school fun, interesting, and enjoyable. Saturday School works on developing a positive attitude in students toward school. We bolster self esteem, and teach mutual respect all while using curriculums that give young people a healthy appreciation for learning new things and discovering “how” to learn. We praise them for what they ‘can do’ rather than point out what they’re failures are. Saturday School gets students excited about learning. In our Saturday School program we offer students exciting field trips, exposing them to information and experiences beyond their wildest dreams.

Diamonds in the rough ... Many of the youth we work with come from challenging backgrounds where they are daily confronted with tremendous barriers and roadblocks to their success. The Diamond Minds program provides the support and encouragement needed by these young people --- at the right time --- to prevent them from giving up on themselves and their future. We are committed to supporting students who believe that they can defy their immediate circumstances to perform at high academic levels.

Diamond Minds Sponsors:

United Way of the Piedmont
South Carolina Christian Foundation
Clemson University Building Dreams Program
Wakefield Buick, Spartanburg, SC
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